Michigan Artist Relief Fund

The Michigan Music Alliance has launched Michigan Artist Relief Fund,  to address the current needs of Michigan based musical artists whose incomes are being adversely impacted by COVID-19. With events of all types being canceled to reduce the spread of COVID-19, people who make income fully through gigs and freelance music work are losing critical opportunities to support their well-being. 

In May 2020, applications for the first round of funding closed. With the public's help, we were able to fund over 100 artists. Applications are now closed until Spring 2021, while we work to fundraise for the second time. Please check this page and our social media for updates.


Please consider donating to the fund to help support artists in your community during this time. To find out more about how musicians have been impacted uniquely by COVID-19 and how we are combating these issues, check out recent press. If you'd like to make a donation on our Go Fund Me.


You can also purchase the follow items, whose proceeds are going towards the fund:

We welcome applications from any full-time musicians living in Michigan, but will prioritize artists with severe financial impact and immediate need.  Applicants must meet specific requirements to qualify. Applying does not guarantee aid. 

We want to thank Walk the Beat and Crooked Tree Creative for partnering with us on this project. 



To keep things fair and also manageable, we are going to pay out a maximum of $500 to each qualified individual. Please apply only once. 

To apply, you will need:

1. Your signed W9 as a PDF 

2. A request amount (max $500 per cancelled gig)

3. A PDF contract of the gig that was cancelled as a result of COVID-19

4. A PDF version of communication that the gig was cancelled as a result of COVID-19

5. A short bio explaining who you are and what you do


Application Requirements for Assistance:

1. You must live in the state of Michigan

2. You must prove live performance as a musician is your primary source of income

3. Have a cancelled gig by the venue or promoter due to COVID-19 in Spring 2020

4. The gig must be in Michigan

5. You must be self-employed


Who are you? Is this legit?

Michigan Music Alliance and Walk the Beat are both 501c3s  based in West Michigan. Our main activity at MMA is providing music business education programming and community building events, but since we had to cancel everything for the spring and summer, we decided to set up a fund to help people instead. Crooked Tree Creative is helping us with graphics, press, and getting the word out. 

Is this legal?

Yes. As a 501c3 we can collect tax deductible donations. Our Tax ID number is 81-2947112. We will be asking for W9s from everyone applying for funding. Anyone related to a board member or employee of Walk the Beat or Michigan Music Alliance can not apply for the fund.

Who can apply?

Any Michigan dwelling, full-time gigging musician who can be legally paid in the US who has had work cancelled by the COVID-19 outbreak. We need a W9 so we can track these payments. We will be asking artists if they are willing to share how the fund helped them so donors can see the impact first hand. 


How does the money work?

We receive donations via the Go Fund Me. Anything coming in from any of these ways is going directly into the special bank account for the fund. When a musician applies for assistance, their info goes into a spreadsheet. The entry is automatically time and date stamped. These entries are screened by our MMA board and then funds are released if the applicants fits the qualifications. We want to do our best to help as many people as possible, so we are hoping to turn applications around as quickly as we have funding. It looks like we will be sending money out via PayPal.

If you have questions, please reach out to us via email at mimusicalliance@gmail.com. 



Michigan Music Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving the music community in Michigan.