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Michigan Musical Instrument Sales and Services:

Michigan Recording Studios:


Michigan Music Publications & Journalists:

Michigan Record Shops:


Music Business Podcasts:

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Michigan Artist Residency Opportunities:

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In-Person Michigan Networking Groups for Artists:

Michigan Songwriting Groups:

Michigan Based Facebook Groups for Artists:


Michigan Music Nonprofits:

Michigan Based Entertainment Lawyers:

Michigan Mental Health Resources:

National Mental Health Resources:

Music Business Books for Artists:

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Build Your Own Website or Online Store:

Newsletter Platforms:


Distribution Platforms:

Copyright Resources:

Royalty Resources:

Graphic Design Resources:


Michigan Based Printing Services:

Vinyl Pressing Companies:

Playlisting Resources:


Collaborative Websites:

Gear Insurance:

Event/Festival Insurance:

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Live Streaming Resources:

Sound Libraries & Recording/Editing Platforms:

For the Composers:

Music Business Blogs:

National Organizations for Artists:

Booking Resources:

Michigan Music Festival Information:

Music Conferences:

State of Michigan Articles of Organization Form for LLC

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