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Warm spring greetings, Michigan Music Family! We are all looking forward to shaking off the winter blues… 


As we are emerging from our winter hibernation, our statewide music community is truly poised for a resurgence, ready to entertain and uplift fans from the Keweenaw to Monroe, and all points in between! 


As you may have seen, the Michigan Music Alliance is capturing this moment through a statewide survey of the music industry, and we need your help, please! If you would be so kind as to share the survey and encourage anyone who is affiliated with music to add their voice, we would be most grateful.


The data that is gathered from the survey will provide a strong foundation for the all-volunteer MMA to secure grant funding, which will support much needed programs that will both enhance our overall music scene and culture, and help it to flourish and thrive.


We hope you will join us in celebrating the rich diversity of our statewide legacy, while moving us all together to a higher level of collaboration and broader recognition.


Thank you so much for your kind support!

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