Michigan Music Alliance to Launch Free Databases to Connect Michigan Artists 

June 1, 2021


Grand Rapids, MI: The Michigan Music Alliance is excited to promote local musicians, as well as venues and studios, by putting together a free collaborative online database, making it easier than ever for members of the Michigan music community to connect with each other in order to collaborate and raise recognition for their businesses and services. 


As part of their mission statement, “Collaboration Over Competition,” the Michigan Music Alliance’s goal is to help artists succeed and thrive in the Michigan music industry, especially during the challenging times that the coronavirus has brought into the world. 


The Michigan Artist Database will contain basic information on the name of the musician/band, a link to their website/streaming services (as well as social media handles), the genre of the music they play, the Michigan city in which they are located in, and the instruments each of the musicians play. If you are a musician or band who would like to be included, please opt in here. 


The Michigan Venue Database will contain information on where the venue is located in Michigan, the type of venue (whether it be a coffee shop or a large stadium), their preferred contact information, the capacity limit, and a link to their website, as well as social media handles. If you are a venue who would like to be included, please opt in here


The Michigan Recording Studio Database will contain information on the contact information and location of each studio in Michigan, a link to their contact information (as well as social media handles), and any other relevant information, such as rates for using the studio, specializations, etc. If you are a recording studio who would like to be included, please opt in here

Michigan Music Alliance is asking artists, recording studios, and venues to opt into being listed on the database, for free. Any information volunteered will be listed in the database on www.michiganmusicalliance.org to be used as a tool for Michigan-based musicians, studios and venue owners to connect with each other faster. 


 For additional information, please contact info@michiganmusicalliance.org.