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Michigan Music Alliance is all about coming together. We are so excited that you are here to be part of Spread the Music 2021- a virtual festival to support the Michigan Artist Relief Fund! The Michigan Music Community is magic. You guys have the ability to come together and support each other in powerful ways. We can't wait to see what we accomplish- together. 

On this page, you'll find information to help you get the most out of this experience. If you don't find what you're looking for, please email, or call/text Elle Lively at (231) 838-1581. We're here to help! Please note the schedule is subject to change, but if a change is relevant to you, we will reach out before making adjustments.



Make sure you are prepared for your set. Make sure you have great lighting, strong internet connection, solid audio, and everything you need to have a successful stream! Even if you're pre-recording your set, these are for you! HERE IS A FOLDER OF ADDITIONAL LIVE STREAMING INFO!



  • Make eye contact with the camera! With live streams, its a little harder to connect and maintaining focus visually can help. We suggest putting something interesting to look at next to or below your camera to remind you to be engaged.

  • Make sure you introduce yourself and anyone else in the video

  • Plug the Michigan Artist Relief Fund and encourage people to donate and share the video

  • Mention other performers playing the festival you think your fans would enjoy

  • Tell people where to find your music and merch

  • Film horizontally if you are using a mobile device

  • Jump in the comments after your show and interact with fans

  • Test your audio for quality 

  • Follow COVID protocols and make sure everyone in your band is safe and healthy

  • Be positive! COVID sucks and has put many people in a hard place. Our goal is to bring a little bit of light and provide a break from the mundane.

  • Be timely! Make sure you start and end on time. If you are going live from a venue, make sure you arrive at the time they designate and follow all COVID-19 protocol. 



  • Please do not exceed 25 minutes- set a timer or have a clock handy!

  • Plug any upcoming live streams or shows you have scheduled

  • Ask for direct donations (no Paypal/Venmo links, merch plug is okay!)

  • Talk politics- we are here to keep it light! 

  • Play all covers... Get original! Plus, sometimes this can create issues with streaming videos. You can play covers, but please feature YOUR music. 


We know live videos can be intimidating! Make sure you are prepared for your live stream. Make sure you have great lighting, strong internet connection, solid audio, and everything you need to have a successful stream! In order to share your live video, we'll have to set up Live Crossposting from your Facebook Page. Please use your artist page, not your personal page. 

Live Crossposting allows you and Michigan Music Alliance to post videos on each other's behalf. Crossposting can only happen between Pages that have added each other. You'll have to make sure your page "likes" ours. You control which videos are eligible to be crossposted. When we crosspost your live video, we will also be able to view video insights for their posts. Only broadcasts created through the Live API (Publisher Tools and are eligible for Live crossposting. Broadcasts originating from mobile devices cannot be Live crossposted. You can read more about crossposting here

You can schedule a Facebook Live video in Live Producer up to one week in advance. We are asking you do this and submit the info to use by March 21. Please use the verbiage at the end of this thread for the title and details. When you schedule a video, your audience will be notified immediately by an automated post announcing your upcoming broadcast. A second post containing the Live broadcast will be automatically published at the scheduled date and time.


Schedule a Live Video Broadcast

  1. Go to Live Producer.

  2. Select Schedule a Live Video in the left-hand column.

  3. Choose the Date and Time of your live broadcast - please reference the official schedule HERE.

  4. Set up the rest of your scheduled broadcast as you would when you Set Up a Live Video Post.

  5. Select an image to accompany the announcement post. The use THIS IMAGE.

  6. Click Schedule Live Video to schedule your broadcast.


Your Live video will begin automatically at scheduled start time. You must go Live within 10 minutes of the scheduled time or your video will be canceled. You can preview your stream 20 minutes before the scheduled start time. Soundcheck! To access your stream, select Edit Post in the Upcoming Live Videos tab to make sure your stream is properly set up before going Live.

You can see and make changes to your upcoming scheduled videos within the Upcoming Live Videos tab. To manage your upcoming videos:


  1. Select Upcoming Live Videos in the left-hand column.

  2. Click Edit Post to make changes to your post. 

  3. Click View Post to see your post in a new browser tab.

  4. Click Go Live Now to go Live.

  5. Click  to copy your Live video URL.

As soon as you schedule your live broadcast, an announcement post is published to your Page letting your followers know there’s an upcoming broadcast. People who see the announcement post can click Get Reminder to receive a one-time reminder notification shortly before the broadcast begins.

At the scheduled time of the live broadcast, a second post is automatically published containing your Facebook Live stream. People who expressed interest via the initial announcement post receive a notification directing them to the broadcast.

After the broadcast is complete, both posts remain on your Page, but the live broadcast post becomes a video post and will appear in your video library.

Establish a Crossposting Relationship


Before crossposting a video, you'll need to establish a crossposting relationship with another Page. In order to create a crossposting relationship, you must be an Admin of your Page.


To establish a crossposting relationship with another Page:


  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.

  2. Click Crossposting in the left column.

  3. Begin typing the Page's name or Facebook URL and select it from the list that appears.

  4. For Live Videos, select whether you'd like to:

    • Allow the other Page to crosspost their live video to your Page without further approval.

    • Require the other Page's crossposted live videos to be approved by one of your admins or editors before being crossposted to your Page.

  5. Click Next.

The other Page must confirm the crossposting relationship by adding your Page to its crossposting settings. To help the Page confirm the relationship, click and send the confirmation link to an admin of the Page using THIS FORM.


Allow MMA to Crosspost Your Page's Live Videos

You can allow our page to crosspost your Page's live video without the us needing to upload or share it directly. Only live videos created via the Live API are eligible for live crossposting, and live video from a mobile device can't be crossposted.

Other than establishing a crossposting relationship with the other Page, your Page doesn't need to do anything to allow the other Page to crosspost your Page's live video.

Instead, when the other Page establishes or confirms the crossposting relationship, it will need to decide whether to allow your Page to crosspost automatically or with approval from one of its admins or editors.

If you are unable to go live from your page and invite us to crosspost, we can add you as an editor of our page as a back up. Please let us know via email ( if you are unable to crosspost BEFORE March 19. 

Please use the following as the information to go along with your live video, including this image cover:

RED = do not include in copy/paste

BLUE = Change to your name/name of act

@ = Please tag Michigan Music Alliance page and Spread the Music Festival 2021 event


Video Title: Spread the Music Festival: Performer’s Name

Video Description: Join us as we participate in @Spread the Music Festival 2021, a statewide virtual music festival hosted by @Michigan Music Alliance to support the Michigan Artist Relief Fund. We encourage you to donate to the fund, share this video, and check out all the incredible volunteer performers lined up March 24-28! #supportmichiganmusic

DONATE to the Michigan Artist Relief Fund:










As a small token of our thanks, we'd love to send you the official event poster. Please provide your mailing address here. Please limit one per performer. If you have multiple members in your group, please only fill it out once and designate how many posters we should send. This option is for 2021 performers listed on the poster only. A digital copy will be available for review on March 8th. These will also be available for purchase in our merch store


If you are performing live from home, please make your band's health and safety the main priority. If it is not safe to get together to perform your set, please use a pre-recorded video, or go solo. We can always make adjustments- just reach out. Please make sure you are working with people's comfort levels, screening with questions like this before arriving, and quarantining, when applicable. We do not encourage any live audiences, or multiple households gathering without proper social distancing and masking up. Please make sure you don't take any germs home- sanitize any shared gear. During your live video, please make sure anyone not actively singing or talking is wearing a mask. If you are blatantly disregarding health and safety measures, your set will be cut. Please be safe! 


Our team is currently working with Seven Steps Up, 20 Front Street, The Listening Room, Blissfest Music Organization, and Crooked Tree Arts Center to create streamlined COVID-19 protocol for performers going live from these venues. Information will be emailed to the performers as soon as possible, detailing any special restrictions. If you refuse to wear a mask or otherwise comply with COVID-19 protocol, you will be refused entry to the venue or asked to leave the venue.

Our goal is to provide a fun and safe experience for the venue, crew, performer, and virtual audience. No physical audience will be present at any of the shows. Masks are required unless you are actively singing or drinking. Social distancing for those not in the same household is highly suggested, when possible. Venues will be providing a waiver on site and will ask to take your temperature when you arrive. Health Screening Questionnaires will be sent out by the venue the day before the event and can be returned to the venue via email, or hard copy when you arrive on site. 

If you have questions about how we are combating COVID-19, please email Elle at

More information about COVID-19: 


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