A New Kind of Award...

We're doing something a little different. These aren't your typical music awards. The Michigan Music Alliance Ovations Awards are about the people behind the music who have taken action to do something amazing to help others in our music community.


The Michigan Music Community is powered by an impressive collection of artists and industry professionals who live, work, and play in our state. Let's highlight and celebrate some of the individuals who made an impact by embracing the core values that make us come together: collaboration, community building, equality, and sustainability.  

Going out of your way for the betterment of the community, to make dreams keep happening, is something that we don't always get to see, but truly powers dreams into reality. Please join us to celebrate and bring focus on community builders and celebrate their efforts to enrich a supportive, sustainable, engaging, and collaborative music scene in West Michigan. 

You can nominate someone in your community to be considered for the Michigan Music Alliance Ovation Awards in 2023!

Deadline for nominations is Jan. 23rd, 2023. Submit your nomination here.


Photos courtesy of WYCE, Local Spins, and Sam Cooper


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