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UPDATE: Michigan Artist Relief Fund

We are incredibly touched by the generosity of the hundreds of donors from around the world who have contributed to the Michigan Artist Relief Fund. Since launching on March 16th, we have raised $30,327 to help Michigan artists in need. We are happy to announce those funds have helped over 79 artists from all over the state. That number will continue to rise in the coming weeks.

We are hosting live sessions on our Facebook page to raise awareness about the fund every night at 7pm until April 30th. We want to thank the artists who have shared their talents with all of us and brought a glimmer of joy to so many during this time. Starting May 1st, we'll be hosting period virtual workshops on our page, as well as sharing mental health resources for artists. We hope to resume normal programming in Fall 2020, if possible.

Applications for the fund are open until May 15th, 2020. At that point, any remaining money will have been granted to artists who qualify. After that date, we will be retooling the fund into a permanent fixture to assist artists who have health emergencies and need additional support.

Our thanks goes out to you on behalf of the entire music community in our great state. We feel the love, support, and have been so inspired.

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