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“Super Group” Launches State-Wide Project to Celebrate Women’s History Month

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. cover video with all female talent released March 8, 2021

In celebration of International Women’s Day March 8, and in honor of Women’s History Month, the Michigan Music Alliance organized a state-wide all female jubilee of joyful sounds offering homage to Michigan's own Queen of Soul- ARETHA FRANKLIN!

This very special all-volunteer project gathers together five recording studios and more than 25 fabulous female artists from all across the state, to celebrate The Queen’s legacy and declare the outright divine power of Michigan Women in Music.

“It is our grand mission to highlight the ultimate power that stems from prioritizing collaboration over competition, while recognizing all the legendary female artists that have risen from our state, like the great Aretha Franklin. She and other Michigan stars altered the music industry forever, inspiring so much of the incredible female talent of today to continue pushing forward”, says Executive Director of the Michigan Music Alliance, Elle Lively.

The track, paired with a video featuring the artists recording at home or in one of the five partnered studios, showcases a multitude of female artists from around the state. Grand Rapids’ Serita (aka Black Rose) and rising star Sarena Rae’s vocals drive the energy for the track in a fun duet. Recorded live at Third Coast Recording Co. in Grand Haven, MI, Sarena and Serita bring a fresh take to the classic song, while maintaining the original vibe. Detroit’s Gayelynn McKinney, who played with Aretha Franklin, recorded drums for the project at Plymouth Rock Recording Co. in Plymouth, MI. The track also features the talents of Ann Arbor natives Christina Nielsen of Jack & the Bear, Josie Ala, and Ingrid Racine. Detroit brought its share of power to the table offering up Zoe Cutler, Sami Blosser, BethAnne Kunert of Virago, Kaleigh Wilder of Gnostikos, Emily Burns of Escaping Pavement, and Alice Sun. Hannah Laine of Earth Radio, Stacy Noonan of Beaver Xing, Jennifer Adams of Annagail, Patty PerShayla, Rachel White of Lighting Matches, Sandra Effert, Olivia Vargas of August, and Lauren Kelley all hail from the Grand Rapids area. Kalamazoo ramped up the project with the likes of Carolyn Koebel, Carrie McFerrin, Rachel Gorman of The Red Sea Pedestrians, Dede Alder of Dede and the Dreamers, Lauren Elliott, Roo Heins of Oneirine, and Laurie Laing of Belfast Gin.

The track was mixed by female engineers, Cynthea Kelley and Maggie Heeren at La Luna Recording & Sound in Kalamazoo, MI. Dogtown Studio in Grand Rapids collaborated to create the video that features the behind the scenes footage recorded by participants. Later this month, the podcast Impactually, will be releasing a very special episode about the collaborative project and the musical legacies that are being created by the women of Michigan.

“Fun, inspiring and impactful projects like this one illustrate the extraordinary diversity and depth of the Michigan Music Community as a whole. Not only do they leave a lasting impression, but also remind us how much pride we all share in our rich Michigan musical heritage. The Michigan Music Alliance is ever focused on creating a higher standard for us all working together as a music community.” says Elle.

For photos and contact information for organizer and participants, please click HERE.

Want to learn more? Catch up on SPREAD THE MUSIC 2021!

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