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Michigan Music Alliance to conduct statewide industry survey

Musician needs assessment survey to begin April 1

Grand Rapids, MI: The non-profit Michigan Music Alliance is seeking to be even more in tune with the statewide music scene, as it emerges from a uniquely challenging two-year period. The organization is planning to create an in-depth analysis of the Michigan Music Industry in order to identify trends, opportunities and gather detailed input for how the MMA can better serve its constituency.

“The Michigan Music scene is ready to burst forth with an energy we have not experienced in some time”, says Elle Lively, MMA Executive Director, “We have stayed busy through the past two years offering continual virtual industry education through the B-Side Sessions, as well as our statewide artist relief benefit Spread the Music. Now it’s time to gather greater intel and realign with how best we can bring our thriving music scene together in new and exciting ways that benefit all.”

The first ever Michigan Music Community Needs Assessment Survey offers an opportunity for feedback directly from artists to identify areas they are seeking more support and education, and will help prioritize MMA programming efforts and budgeting.

The survey (offered in both English and Spanish) will be open for input from April 1 to May 1. Results of the survey will be made public in order to help inform other regional music service organizations, as well as be used to support future grant funding applications for the MMA.

“It is an exciting time to re-evaluate our outstanding MI music scene and recalibrate the aim of MMA industry education offerings so that we can all reach new professional heights, together!”

The survey may be found at

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