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B-Side Session: Booking - 9/28/20 VIRTUAL EVENT

The B-SIDE SESSIONS continue! Due to COVID-19, we've decided to move the first few events into the virtual realm, to ensure that everyone can access this information safely and get involved! You can get in on the conversation by tuning in live and chatting with the attendees and panelists. Ask questions, share your experiences, and connect with your community. 

Monday, Sept. 28th, 2020 at 7pm EST ---> TUNE LIVE IN HERE // FACEBOOK EVENT

Here's the deal. 

Its FREE. It'll be the best free time you've ever spent. Something good will come of it. We appreciate donations to help keep this program growing and you can give online at, if you feel inclined. 

Get engaged! Comment and chat with the host and panel, as well as other attendees! Please use basic common sense and keep comments /questions topic relevant and polite so a good time can be had by all. 

We'll be talking everything BOOKING. This is a BIG topic, so we'll be focusing on how our favorite local venues are coping with COVID, what you should be doing as an artist (re booking) right now, and general standard practices. Tips and tricks shared by MI experts, so you can put your best foot forward. You control the conversation- get engaged and ask questions!


-Val Nelson Walters, Talent Buyer at Bell's Eccentric Café

-Brandon DeJaynes, Booking & Promotions Manager at The Livery

-Luke Sass, Promoter from Grand Rapids, MI

-Lara Supan, Booking Agent at Fleming Artists

Moderated by booking agent at Crooked Tree Creative, Dutcher Wright Snedeker. 

Special thanks to our sponsors, La Luna Recording & Sound & Third Coast Recording Company who would have hosted two sessions in the month of September at their physical locations. You can still check out the studios though- message them to make an appointment and support local business. 

To learn more about upcoming events, like Michigan Music Alliance on Facebook, or visit our website 

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