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A New Kind of Award... The Michigan Music Alliance Ovations

We're wrapping an extra surprise into the WYCE Jammies XXII in February 2022! Michigan Music Alliance is pleased to announce a new kind of award to recognize those in the Michigan Music Community who have gone above and beyond to create sustainability, equality, collaboration, and community. In the spirit of collaboration, a joint committee from WYCE and Michigan Music Alliance are nominating individuals in West Michigan who embody the values we strive to hold in our community. Next year, YOU will be able to nominate individuals from ALL OVER the state who have impacted Michigan's scene. We can't wait to share this with you live, on stage at the Jammies on Feb. 12th, 2022 as we present these honors to the behind the scenes movers and shakers, the changemakers, and the builders, who have helped create the community we all want to be part of. The Ovation Awards are sponsored in part by Oktober Can Seamers, right here in Beer City U.S.A. Ovation recipients will be announced in Feb. 2022. Nominations for the 2023 Ovations open in November 2022.

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