The relationship between creativity and problematic mental health is no mystery. From famously troubled legends across the arts to our own personal struggles, the stresses of the creative lifestyle to highly publicized research (showing some 73% of musicians reporting symptoms of mental illness), all of this condenses into a critical need for support, resources, and education. 


In an effort to address this often-stigmatized problem head on, the MMA has compiled the following resources. The links below are an attempt to begin addressing mental health struggles within our community of Michigan musicians in a multifaceted way, from professional organizations and advocacy groups to simple activities that can help reduce symptoms. This initiative will expand to events, discussions, and other interactive ways we can come together to support one another, learn the skills of mental health management, and hopefully create a dialogue of healthy honesty about this unfortunate component of musicmaking. 


We’re all in this together! You are not alone. If you have a helpful resource, book, podcast, or other encouraging project you'd like to add to this list, please contact us

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